Well Person Care

Midwifery Guidance on Your Personal Health Journey

Before, Between, and Beyond Pregnancy.

Holistic, Person-Centered Care for Every Stage of a Female Bodied Life. 

  • Well-person exams including PAP smears and physical exams. Abnormal PAP results will be referred to a physician of your choice. 
  • Well-teen consultations, in depth personal education about understanding your menstrual cycle. 
  • Preconception and fertility counseling.
  • Fertility Awareness Method education and support.
  • Education about hormone balancing practices
  • Herbal, dietary, and self-care education for recovering and maintaining optimal health.
  • Diagnostic testing for UTI’s, Yeast overgrowths, Bacterial Vaginosis, STIs.
  • Herbal, dietary and self care treatment for UTIs, yeast imbalance, and Bacterial Vaginosis. 
  • Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) removal.
  • Can order Lab work to assess thyroid function, iron levels, hormone levels, vitamin and mineral levels.

Fees Payable at Time of Service

Initial Consultation $140

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For clients that have had an initial consultation within the last 3 years, $95

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Lab work fees can be submitted to insurance for coverage.

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