Lilly Mason Midwife and Group of Happy Clients

Helping Families Grow

Every Family Deserves a Midwife…

…an expert in normal, physiologic pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, and newborn development.

All of Our Ancestors… Had Midwives

Birth is Truth.

Mamas Open, Babies Come Out

A Midwife is Also…

an equal partner on your health journey.

a caring person who listens and accepts.

a guide who can offer discernment and experience

a person trained in health maintenance and prevention of disease.

a link between ancestral wisdom and modern scientific understanding.

Midwifery Care is for the Whole Family

Finding Empowerment Through the Sacred Phases of Menarche, Motherhood and Menopause.

Midwives Have Patience,

Not Patients.

Your Birth. Your Way.

Full Support.

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Healing the Earth

Through Healing Birth

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