Pregnancy Care

Midwifery Guidance for the Entire Journey of Pregnancy…

The whole family is centered in this holistic model of care that helps a growing family prepare for the sacred adventure of bringing new life into the world. 

Prenatal Care

  • Regularly scheduled prenatal visits.
  • Regular baby growth and heart rate monitoring. 
  • Regular monitoring of maternal vitals including blood pressure.
  • Urine analysis.
  • Nutritional, herbal, and movement guidance. 
  • Access to birth, parenting and postpartum library of books and DVDs.
  • Access to your care records through the Client Care online portal. 

In-home Labor and Birth Support

  • Birth team includes a second midwife and may include student midwives.
  • Water birth options and birth tub rental. 
  • Several hours immediate postpartum care.

Postpartum Care

  • 4 postpartum care in-home visits for mom and baby during the 6 weeks after birth. 
  • Full newborn exam assessing growth, physical, and mental development at each visit. 
  • Support and education for breastfeeding. 
  • State recommended screenings. 
  • Placenta Remedies. 
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