Why See a Midwife When You’re Not Pregnant?

Have you ever wanted your health appointments to feel like an equal partnership? Would you like to feel heard by your medical guide; explain your lived experience, and be able to talk over all the questions you have about your health?

Would you like to talk about strategies for staying healthy, returning to balance, or recovering from health issues that include nutrition, movement, herbs, supplements or lifestyle changes?

Would you like a healthcare partner who can deeply listen to you, and help craft personalized, multistep action plans to help you meet your own health goals?

Lilly Mason Midwife sits with a client during a well-person consultation.

If you are saying a resounding YES to any of these questions, you might be looking for a midwife. 

Wait a minute, aren’t midwives just for pregnant people? Actually many midwives also offer care throughout the entire span of life. As a certified professional midwife my scope of practice includes care of people who are menstruating, trying to conceive, gestating, lactating postpartum, perimenopausal, and menopausal. 

The fascinating journey of living in a female body can bring us many opportunities to question, learn and grow. My role as a midwife is to offer inspiration, insight, and guidance based upon my experience and medical knowledge. I really enjoy working with my clients to create personalized plans for health keeping. I call these plans New Life Formulas and they include individually tailored advice on what to eat, how to move, supplements, and herbs that can support your process, other therapies that may help like bodywork, chiropractic, or acupuncture, and resources for self education. 

In my midwifery training I have deeply studied nutrition, herbs, supplements, movement and how all of these non pharmaceutical methods can be used to support physiology (how the body works). This education and training can bring essential information to your health journey. Have you ever asked your physician, “ what should I be eating to support my condition?” Come ask your midwife! I’d love to discuss it in depth with you. 

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